What does MDM do?

We are a premier provider of safety products to all kinds of businesses, schools, nonprofits, and US government agencies. We are also contract manufacturers of private label safety products and apparel for large retailers, theme parks, among others.

Do you accept Purchase Orders and/or credit?

Yes. Please email orders@mdmpro.us to get set up. We will have you complete a credit application if you are requesting Net terms. We respond within 30 minutes and will have your account ready to go within 24 hours.

We are tax-exempt. Can we purchase without paying tax?

Yes! Please email orders@mdmpro.us with your tax exemption certificate and from that point on, your account will never show sales tax. If you already ordered, we can refund the sales tax once we have your documentation on file.

For products offered in cartons, how do I buy more than one?

Please click "Add to Cart" or "Buy It Now" and increase the quantity in your cart. The product listing will describe the carton/case configuration (UOM). Our top priority is to ensure you have a seamless experience when shopping with us, so if you have any suggestions or feedback, please do share them via email, live chat, or by calling us. 

Can I get free samples?

Of course. We are one of the few out there that offer free samples online.  Samples can be ordered for many, but not all, of our products. We always recommend ordering samples if that would make you feel more comfortable with purchasing a certain product.

Do you offer returns?

Please click HERE to view our FREE Returns & Free Exchanges Policy. Thank you for trusting our family business - we're here to make your experience stress-free.

When will my order ship?

We strive to ship all orders same-day or next-day after an order is placed. However, please check each product listing for the most accurate lead times for the product you're looking to purchase.

If you're shopping with us through GroupBuy, the exact ship date is mentioned on the GroupBuy listing.

How do you ship?

We ship via FedEx and UPS. We offer FREE 2-DAY shipping on all Safety Products. 

What is Gloves GroupBuy?

A one-of-a-kind shopping experience where you can purchase your nitrile gloves together with other businesses and achieve bigger discounts that you could not access if buying alone. 


I have some questions or need some assistance. How do I reach you?

We'd love to chat. You can call us during business hours at (855) 563-6776. We are also available via email: orders@mdmpro.us


I am looking for a custom program (masks, apparel, or something else). Do you custom manufacture?

Yes! We are contract manufacturers of custom masks, hand sanitizer, and apparel for major retailers, theme parks, restaurant chains, hotels, promotional companies, and others. With strong supply chains across Central America and Asia, you will not find better value on custom programs than with MDM Distribution.

Do you ship outside the US?

We are not set up to process international orders online. However, our team has done many international orders for wholesale customers. Please get in touch at (855) 563-6776 or orders@mdmpro.us if you're outside the US and interested in wholesale ordering.